8 Tips For An Unforgettable Engagement Photography Session

By: Jermaine
December 6, 2022
8 Tips For An Unforgettable Engagement Photography Session featured banner photo

It’s the holiday season! The most fun and romantic time of the year and a time when many couples choose to get engaged. If you’re one of those lucky couples, congratulations!

Now, about your engagement session.

Engagement photography can be an exciting and creative way to capture those special moments with your loved one before tying the knot while getting comfortable and familiar with your photographer before the wedding day.

Whether you have a vision for an elegant or casual shoot, there are many great photographers like myself at Infinite Moments Photography who can help make your dream engagement session come to life.

If you’re one of these engaged couples, you’ll want to make sure your engagement session is unforgettable! So, here are 8 tips to help make sure your session goes off without a hitch:

Choose a photographer that you trust and feel comfortable working with

Choosing a photographer that you trust is the most important part of planning your engagement session. You’ll want to find someone with experience and expertise in creating beautiful, romantic portraits that captures the essence of your relationship.

You can find great photographers like those at Infinite Moments Photography by doing a quick search online or asking around among your friends and family for recommendations. In either scenario, you’ll want to check out their reviews and portfolio to get a sense of their style and make sure that it aligns with the vision you have for your engagement session.

You’ll also want to make sure that the two of you feel comfortable with your photographer and can communicate throughout the process. This will go a long way in making sure that you end up with photos you love!

2. Choose a location that means something special to you as a couple.

When thinking about where to do your engagement photography session, you’ll want to choose a setting that is meaningful to the two of you as a couple. This can be something romantic and intimate, such as a quiet park or a scenic overlook, or something quirky and fun, like an amusement park or, even the restaurant of your first date.

In today’s social media age it can be easy to get caught up in attempting to create the perfect engagement photo that will get the most “likes” on Instagram or Facebook. But, instead of trying to create a staged and overly-polished scene, try to capture moments that embody your relationship – whether it’s silly and playful or full of tenderness and romance this moment is everlasting and should be genuine to the two of you.

3. Bring along any props or accessories that fit your style as a couple.

Creative, fun, quirky, original, and, romantic… These are the things that come to mind when thinking of your perfect engagement photography session. And, if you love all things vintage or quirky, one fun way to bring a little bit of personality into your photos is by incorporating props and accessories that fit your style as a couple.

Some ideas include carrying around a well-loved book, bringing along your furry friends, or even bringing along a board game and playing while the photographer snaps away. Anything that helps to capture your personality as a couple can be a great way to bring some extra fun and creativity into your engagement photos!

4. Dress comfortably but still look stylish

When it comes to your wardrobe, you’ll want to find something that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful while still looking stylish.

Coordinating your outfits is always a good idea, but try to avoid matching too much. Instead, opt for complementary colors or patterns that complement each other while also living up to the occasion of your engagement photography session.

And remember, keep your location and weather in mind when choosing your outfits. Planning for an engagement session in the dead of winter? Opt for something cozy and warm, like a luxurious fur coat or cozy knit sweater. Planning for a beachside shoot on a sunny summer day? Look for breezy light dresses and flowy skirts that capture the beauty of the season!

5. It’s your engagement photography session, Make sure you feel comfortable!

Remember that your engagement photography session is about capturing the love and connection between you as a couple. As such, make sure that both of you feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera.

If you’re feeling nervous or self-conscious, try to channel that energy into excitement and anticipation for all the great photos you’ll get to look back on for years to come. And, if you find yourselves in a particularly awkward or uncomfortable moment, just remember that your photographer is there to help ease any nerves and guide you through the process. Ultimately, it’s all about embracing these moments and truly enjoying this time together as a couple!

6. Avoid stiff poses and cheesy smiles.

Following up on comfort, it’s also important to avoid any stiff, poses or cheesy grins in your engagement photos. Instead, try to be as natural and relaxed as possible while still looking beautiful and romantic.

Whether you’re laughing with each other, gazing into each other’s eyes, or enjoying a quiet moment together, make sure that you capture the authentic, genuine moments that embody your relationship. And remember, it’s okay to be silly and playful too! Just embrace your quirks and don’t be afraid to let loose and have some fun with it.

At the end of the day, your engagement photography session is all about celebrating the love you share as a couple, so savor these moments and enjoy them to the fullest while your photographer captures your timeless moments!

7. Scout out the location ahead of time

For the best shots, it’s always a good idea to spend some time ahead of your session scouting out the perfect location.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic and intimate spot or somewhere more urban and eclectic, take some time to properly scout out your ideal location so that you can make the most of your engagement photography session. A great location can inspire several shots.

Keep in mind that your photographer can offer suggestions and, don’t forget to bring along a few backup locations in case the weather or lighting isn’t cooperating, as this will ensure that no matter what, you can make the most of your session.

8. Don’t stress!

If things don’t go as planned try your best to not stress! Be in the moment, the most important thing to remember when it comes to engagement photography sessions is that these moments are truly about celebrating the love between you and your partner.

So, relax and soak up every second of your session together, knowing that with an experienced photographer at your side, you’re sure to come away with some beautiful and lasting memories. After all, it’s these candid moments in time that will help capture the essence of who you are as a couple and remind you of the joys of your engagement for years to come!

If you’re looking for a photographer to capture the love you and your partner have for each other, look no further than Infinite Moments Photography! We’re here to capture all the sweet and intimate moments of your engagement, so don’t hesitate to book a session with us today.

Whether you’re looking for an urban or outdoor setting, we’ll work with you to ensure that your photos are as stunning and memorable as possible! So go ahead, and prepare to fall in love all over again, while Infinite Moment’s Photography makes your moments everlasting!

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